COEXPAN MONTONATE is specialised in PET and PS sheet extrusion for a wide range of customized application, including printing, packaging and special products. Founded in 1973, after a successful growth history has been acquired by COEXPAN in 2014, becoming the excellence site for PET extrusion.

COEXPAN is the Grupo Lantero division specialised in the manufacture of rigid plastic sheets to provide solutions to packaging industry globally. Altogether with the other divisions of Grupo Lantero (Emsur, Leca Graphics and EstellaPrint), we are able to provide our customers with a comprehensive packing and packaging solution on global basis. Coexpan currently operates 13 production plants in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, Chile, Brazil and Mexico with more than 800 employees and distributes its products in over 50 countries, which represents a production capacity exceeding 196,000 tonnes per year.