Petcore Europe Working Groups




Working Group on Recycling PET Thermoforms Thermoformsxxxxxxxxxxx

The Working Group was established in June 2015, following a Workshop on Recycling PET Thermoforms in March 2015.  It comprises more than 30 companies and organisations including key players from industry and waste management. The goal is to increase the market share of PET in thermoforms in Europe by providing sustainable and reliable end-of-life solutions for their effective recycling.


Working Group on Recycling of Opaque and Difficult to Recycle PET packaging (ODR)

The Working Group that had its kick-off meeting in May 2016 concentrates on the upcoming issue of heavily coloured or opaque PET, which is in fast growing demand in new applications such as milk bottles, detergents and family care products. Currently recyclers process mainly transparent or light coloured PET. Therefore, the goal of the WG is to find and ensure an end-of-life strategy for these products and to promote their image.



Substance Task Force
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The Task Force is scientifically dealing with any chemical substance that might be associated with PET alongside the PET value chain. One particular aspect relates to the regulatory compliance with the EU Regulation 10/2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.