POINT PLASTIC S.r.l. is a leading company in the development and production of special functional additive for the PET industry offering a wide range of innovative solution to improve the technical performace in terms of Oxygen  and CO2 barrier (EVOH free), High service temperature , IV enhancement, Impact improvement  of virgin , recycled  and any kind of PET grade.  Foaming PET into food and technical application (wind turbine  and composite)  of virgin and r-PET is one of the major business for our company.

All the additives  are oriented to improve the Circular Economy Model for PET preforms, A-PET  and C-PET trays as well as BOPET.

Founded in 2006 Point Plastic S.r.l., fully focused in the PET business,  has generated in the years a strong “know How” and “intellectual property” portfolio  and is today a the perfect partner for innovative company involved in the production of PET articles over all the world.