Dentis Recycling Italy is a multinational family-run business established in 1987, specialized in PET (polyethyleneterephtalate) sorting and recycling from post-consumers bottles. Nowadays, the Group can account three different plants, respectively placed in Italy (Dentis Recycling Italy, S. Albano Stura-Cuneo), the headquarter of the Group, in Spain (Pet Comapania para su reciclado, Chiva – Valencia) and in France (Nord Pal Plast, Lesquin- Lille) with a total amount of 150 ktons of bottles processed each year. Thanks to the our high technological process, PET bottles from domestic waste collection could be mechanically treated to be turned in our Recycled PET product, known as PETALO® which is among the top highest quality products on the R-PET market thanks to its low contaminant content and its  homogenous crystallized structure.