Corepla: National Consortium for the Collection and Recycling of Plastic packages was established in November, 1997 in accordance with law decree 22/97, taking over from the former Replastic Consortium, which only dealt with liquid containers, in accordance to the European legislation 94/62 concerning packing material and waste from packages in different material. The Consortium is now regulated by Law Decree 152/06. It is part of the "CONAI System" (National Packaging Consortium) and is a no-profit private system with a social character, financed by: the Environmental Contribution CONAI concerning packaging on the national market, (produced in Italy or imported, both empty and full) defined and managed by the companies through the same CONAI, therefore it is not subject to the public tax system; proceeds from sales of waste after recycling. At the beginning of 2012 it had 2,685 member companies, belonging to the entire life-cycle of plastic packaging (for B and C categories participation is entirely voluntary): 

Category A: companies producing plastic material for the production of packaging. 

Category B: companies producing plastic packaging.

Category C: companies using plastic packaging. 

Category D: companies that recycle or recover plastic packaging waste after use.