Sidel’s purpose is to help brands protect the product inside, preserve the planet outside and touch lives of millions of people every day. We do so by offering complete and modular PET packaging solutions, including people, services and equipment.

Sidel has years of industrial experience. With 30,000 machines installed in more than 190 nations, it has been helping producers fill beverage bottles for over 80 years, blow them for more than 50 and label them for more than 35. Sidel has 40 years of aseptic packaging expertise, and was one of the first companies to introduce PET bottles to the beverage industry over 30 years ago.

Part of Tetra Laval group and headquartered in Switzerland, Sidel has over 50 office locations, 13 production sites and 7 training centres worldwide. Each of its more than 3,400 employees spread over five continents, is committed to create the optimum liquid-packaging solution.