Key global players team up to boost recyclability of PET plastic products.

This is the second newsletter of 2021. 

New website aims providing PET education, raising awareness amongst European citizens and helping to recycle over 90% of PET beverage bottles.

PETCORE EUROPE initiated the establishment of Labels WG along with Sleever, P&G, Coca-Cola, FINAT and many other members of this working group.

This working group is looking at the environmental performance of PET and rPET.

A.I.S.E. recently launched the sleeve icon in order to encourage consumers to take the sleeve off the pack after using the product, thus facilitating the recycling of the plastic bottle by recycling companies.

Omya International AG launched a new product family of functionalized Calcium Carbonates for PET applications - OmyaPET. 

Carbios successfully completes its capital increase and raises €114 million, setting a key milestone for its industrial development plans

PETCORE EUROPE is pleased to announce that ZeLoop launched a new innovative mobile application, rewarding consumers for their pro-environmental behaviour.

PETCORE EUROPE launches communications campaign and roadmap to pave the way to full circularity.

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