Paola Arlotti, Senior Marketing Manager at Equipolymers and representing CPME, was elected new Petcore Europe President during the last Board Meeting in October. As interim, she took over from Roberto Bertaggia from M&G. Since 2004, Paola is working at Equipolymers in the PET commerical area.

Furthermore, Gian de Belder from Procter & Gamble and Santiago Rotstein from Plastiverd, representing CPME, were approved as two new Board members.

The new Petcore Europe Board is therefore composed as following:

For the PET resin producers association:

- Paola Arlotti (Equipolymers) representing CPME – President
- Roberto Bertaggia (M&G) representing CPME
- Santiago Rotstein (Plastiverd) representing CPME

For the PET converter associations:

- Raphael Jaumotte (Plastipak) representing EuPC – Treasurer
- Marc De Voogd (Alpla) representing Forum PET Europe
- Joachim Eckstein representing EuPET

For the PET recyclers association:

- Casper van den Dungen (Poly Recycling) representing PRE – Vice President
- Herbert Snell (MultiPet) representing PRE

For the member companies:

- Christopher Wöss – Erema
- Zach Crawford – PolyOne / ColorMatrix
- Gian de Belder – P&G


- Marcel de Botton – Honorary member
- Christian Crepet – Executive Director