The Russian government has proposed a ban on PET beer packaging since 2011 as an attempt to curb drinking in the country. PET bottles should be limited to <1.5% alcohol content. According to local reports, the market share of PET packaging in Russia is estimated at 50%. A ban may also have a negative impact on the water and soft drinks businesses, and on local producers of polymers.

Petcore Europe sent a formal letter - co-signed by EFBW for bottled waters, Unesda for soft drinks and the Brewers of Europe - to ARPET, the Russian counterpart of Petcore Europe. We received the following message back from ARPET:

“Thank you very much for quick response! I am sure that this letter will help us, because this letter is very informative and understandable for all kinds of officials and our opponents. It is very important for us, because now we can officially refer to this information. Many thanks to you and your colleagues from all Russian PET industry.”