On 31 January 2017, Petcore Europe held its Annual General Meeting in Brussels during which the members elected a new Board.

Mathieu Haels representing EuPC stepped down from the Board and was replaced by Raphaël Jaumotte, as well as Ian Appleyard representing Coloramtrix/Polyone who was replaced by Zach Crawford. Christian-Yves Crépet who represented PRE and held the position of Treasurer, will step down from the Board on 31 March and be replaced by Herbert Snell. The new Treasurer will be Rapahël Jaumotte.

Patrick Peuch has also decided to step down from his Executive Director role on 31 March and his Board designated successor will be Christian-Yves Crépet from 1 April 2017.

In total, the Petcore Europe Board will have the following composition from 1 April 2017: