Our association membership is growing and we are delighted to welcone two new members: Eco-Emballages and NGR Recycling Machines.

Eco-Emballages pilots the French scheme to sort and recycle household packaging waste set up in compliance with Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) principle. Eco-Emballages is a private company, invested with a general interest mission serving the consumer/citizen and as such, is accredited by the State. Its objective is to enable member companies to fulfil their EPR obligations and to ensure an environmentally- and socially-efficient implementation of the scheme at an optimal cost.

The Green Dot therefore guarantees citizens the commitment of companies to limit the environmental impact of packaging. As of today, 67% of household packaging waste is recycled in France thanks to the daily involvement of millions of French people. In order to achieve the target of a 75% recycling rate in a near future, Eco-Emballages works from upstream to downstream, on eco-design and on increasing recycling, by bringing together all stakeholders – companies, local authorities, associations and recycling companies.

NGR - Next Generation Recycling Machines has been building plastics recycling machines in Austria for more than twenty years. These machines turn plastics waste into high-quality pellets in more than 70 countries worldwide. The company stays on the cutting edge of technology by continuously developing and improving plastics processing and machine components. A tightly woven network of distribution partners and the customer service representatives provide excellent service and make sure the machines can be used successfully for many years.