Our Forum was a Great Success!

We just had our “2020 Monomer Recycling Forum: Enhancing the Circularity of PET” which was a great success! Our conference got attended by more than 150 people, all industry and policy PET stakeholders.

During the first part of our discussion we were able to appreciate the various aspects of PET recycling in the bigger picture, from the role of the Circular Plastics Alliance to the challenges of feedstock for recycling.

Later we also heard the legislative and technical challenges to achieve full PET circularity this in the context of mechanical and chemical recycling.

With the presentation of a transparent carbon calculator, our industry will also increase its environmental awareness and proceed to an even better LCA.

The Forum was also the occasion to repeat the importance of design of recycling in PET Monomers as a way to ease into conformity with the upcoming revision of the essential requirements as part of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive.

We also thank the Commission for its presence during our event! Bringing all the stakeholders together was a real pleasure for Petcore Europe and we hope to repeat this soon!