Congratulations to Searious Business and BOPET Films Europe who have launched the Vita Nova initiative, an industry consortium to promote the circular use of mono-PET flexible packaging.

At least 25% of all flexible packaging applications rely on the unique material properties provided by polyesters, and in many cases moving to a polyolefin alternative will lead to an increase in material usage and a drop in packing efficiency without improving the end of life outcome for the packaging. 

Mono PET packaging structures have the potential to deliver on the Global Commitment and European Plastic Pact targets and enable retailers and brand owners to meet their sustainability pledges. Notably, when using recycled content in flexible packaging used for food applications, PET films currently are the only viable option.

Replacing mixed plastic flexible packaging with mono PET solutions would enable better recyclability, improve resource-efficiency and lead to greenhouse gas emission reductions.

The Vita Nova consortium aims to ensure flexible PET packaging is established as a viable circular material, kept in the economy and out of incinerators, and welcomes producers, collectors, sorters, recyclers, machine manufacturers, and brand owners to collectively prove the principle. The hands-on consortium is establishing partnerships to run collection, sorting and recycling tests, resulting in recommendations on pack design, target applications, Near Infrared (NIR) testing, recycling tests and target end markets for recyclate. Interested parties keen on actively contributing to closing the loop, can contact the Vita Nova Secretariat at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..