PETCORE EUROPE is pleased to announce that Christian Crepet, who has served as Executive Director of the association since 2017, will be moving into an Ambassador role as of 1 January 2023 and becoming a honorary member of the Board.

“We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Christian for the incomparable work he has done in making Petcore a highly successful value chain initiative and the go-to organisation for PET circularity,” said the PETCORE EUROPE Board of Directors.

Christian Crepet has spent his career within the industry and has a deep knowledge of PET collection and recycling. During his tenure, PETCORE has grown to comprise 140 members which has enabled the association to adapt its working groups to the EU regulatory priorities. PETCORE’S public and regulatory objectives are to drive towards more collection, safety, recycling and circularity, and to position PET as the packaging that is made to be remade and designed to be reused.  During his time as Executive Director Christian also held a series of high-profile annual conferences gathering stakeholders from across the industry and the EU institutions.

As of  January 1st 2023, Ermis Panagiotopoulos will take on the role of interim Executive Director for the next few months, while the association has started an executive search to appoint a permanent replacement. Ermis comes with more than 15 years of experience in European public affairs, having worked for industry associations, NGOs and the European Commission. He joined Indorama Ventures PCL as Head of Sustainability Advocacy EMEA in September 2022 after 6 years as Sustainability Director of Natural Mineral Waters Europe (NMWE).

PET is the world’s most recycled plastic. PET food and drink packaging is made to be remade and designed to be reused as new packaging.

Colleagues have been swift to thank Christian for his contribution to PETCORE EUROPE

“I have had the pleasure of being in touch with Christian since many years and since then he has been a true passionate promoter of PET as the most circular packaging option with the European Institutions as well with the final consumers!  Nobody could have done so much for our Value Chain and will still do, to get PETCORE even stronger and well recognized as the ‘European PET Voice’.”-  Antonello Ciotti, Chairman of PETCORE EUROPE.

«Christian has always been forward-thinking regarding circularity, showing the pathway not only for PET. Engaging PETCORE members, challenging the working groups and making PETCORE ‘the’ preferred contact point for the stakeholders these are just a few of his many achievements. I have had the chance to witness all of this, working with Christian and hope to keep seeing him in his new role. Tough times are ahead for the industry, but Christian’s work will stand as a lighthouse.” - Raphael Jaumotte, Technical Manager at PETCORE EUROPE.

“Christian leaves a great legacy and a robust foundation for the next steps toward circularity. His new role will help the industry to enhance PET circularity and meet EU regulatory targets by addressing the geographical growth of Petcore in new geographies in order to support the increase of the PET collection in the EU.” - Argiris Dabanlis, Technical Manager at PETCORE EUROPE.

“Christian’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Many congratulations on the success you have had in building the association into the organisation that it is today.”, - Sam Rowe, Communications Consultant.