In order to ensure the sustainable development of the European PET industry and to prevent unfair competition practices from jeopardizing the future of the continent, it is important to engage in dialogue with the various European institutions.


The PET market in Europe has changed. If until a few years ago it was possible to speak of a scenario characterized by the prevalent production of virgin PET and the issue of recycling was still little known "now, driven by legislative changes, but also due to the determination of some important sectors of our industry, the goal of producing a recyclable container and having a percentage of recycled material in the containers has become a reality and has imposed itself in an increasingly evident way", explains Roberto Bertaggia, Executive Director of PETCORE EUROPE and past president of the association.

Italy is already ahead in the sector and has a high capacity for mechanical recycling of PET and cutting-edge technologies for chemical recycling. Precisely for this reason, our country, like others, must convey sustainability in all its aspects, also and above all at the political level. The first way, which is fundamental, is clear and correct communication. To read the full article, please follow this link.