2022 Webinar "Reuse in focus: challenges & opportunities for the PET industry" on the 25th of May from 1:00-4:00 PM.




As REUSE is a key topic in the European sustainability policy, Petcore Europe has started a reflection with its members on how REUSE can bring improvement to the PET industry and how this will integrate and modify the sector’s already developed infrastructure.



The EU Commission promotes the following hierarchy in its packaging policies: REDUCE consumption, REUSE and RECYCLE. Thus, REUSE is becoming a significant pillar to support the ultimate goal of the EU to be climate neutral by 2050, in parallel with the all-other related actions for PET bottle light weighting and recycling.


The objectives of this webinar are:

  • To communicate to the audience the PPWD measures across the EU,
  • To present the REUSE status and legislative developments across the EU Countries,
  • To share with the audience related activities of the industry,
  • To update the audience on REUSE best practices across the EU.


Session 1: “Reuse: challenges and opportunities for the PET industry”


13:00-13:05      Welcome & Introduction – Sebastian Lemp, ALPLA

13:05-13:15      Review of the PPWD: considerations to bring up reuse systems – Wolfgang Trunk, European Commission

13:15-13:30      Reuse PET industry state of play & considerations for the uptake of reuse solutions – Argiris Dabanlis, Petcore Europe

13:30-13:50      Reuse Vanguard Project: deciphering the EU's Packaging Landscape – Larissa Copello, Zero Waste Europe

13:50-14:10      Unlocking the potential of reuse to build a circular economy for plastic packaging – Erwan Schweitzer, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

14:10-14:30      Reuse: where do we stand? – Clarissa Morawski, Reloop

14:30-14:50      Panel discussion moderated by Sebastian Lemp, ALPLA


14:50-15:05      Coffee break


Session 2: “National regulatory push for more reuse: status quo in France and Germany”


15:05-15:15       National legislative developments for more reuse – Sebastian Lemp, ALPLA

15:15-15:30       How French legislation is pushing forward to insure reusable packaging? – Sébastien Jacques, ELIPSO

15:30-15:45       Towards a standardization of reusable packaging in France – Laurine Grandet Margaux ValentinCITEO

15:45-16:00       Q&A Session & wrapping up – Raphael Jaumotte, Petcore Europe