“2022 PET Chemical Recycling: Depolymerization Forum” on the 11tof October 2022 from 2:00 – 5:45 PM.



In 2019, Petcore Europe launched the PET Depolymerisation Recycling working group - with initial engagement by companies involved in the development of new and innovative processes to recycle PET and Polyester waste by depolymerization and reusing its monomer constituents. 


Agenda | 2 PM CET | Tuesday, 11 OCTOBER 2022


2:00–2:05 PM: Welcome & Introduction Raphael Jaumotte (Petcore Europe)

2:05 –2:15 PM: Regulatory updates Leonor Garcia (Uetliberg partners)

2:15–2:25 PM: Specific BHET processes Jesper van Berkel (Indorama) 

2:25–4:05 PM: Individual updates by the companies involved in the Petcore Europe’s Depolymerization WG

Confirmed Speakers:

Bruno Langlois (Carbios)

Marco Brons (Cure Technology)

Inari Seppa (Eastman) 

Guido Fragiacomo (Garbo)

Maurizio Crippa (Gr3n)

Maarten Stolk (Ioniqa)

Sander Gaemers (Ineos)

Fabian Lambert (IFPEN)

Adel Essaddam (Loop Industries)

Carsten Eichert (RITTEC) 

3:40–4:05 PM: Q&A Session

4:05–4:20 PM: Coffee Break

4:20 –5:00 PM: LCA of Depolymerization Recycling for PET – the key to the integration in the value chain

Confirmed Speakers:

4:20–4:30 PM: Bruno Langlois (Carbios)

4:30–4:40 PM: Jason Pierce (Eastman)

4:40–4:50 PM: Mandy Paschetag (Rittec)

4:50–5:00 PM: Q&A Session

5:00–5:10 PM: Impact of regulatory EU 282-2008 recast, on different recycling project timeline Bruno Langlois (Carbios)

Q&A Session

5:10–5:20 PM: The place of Depolymerization recycling within the whole material circle Marco Brons (Cure Technology)

Q&A Session

5:20–5:30 PM: Interactions between mechanical recycling and depolymerization Chaim Waibel (Plastics Recyclers Europe)

5:30–5:45 PM: Q&A and Closing Session

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