“Petcore Europe - KOR Online Webinar "NIAS Testing via labs & an outlook to migration testson the 27tof MARCH 2024 from 2:00 – 3:30 PM.


Objective of the webinar:


Calling the attention to Petcore Europe members that Labs, KÖR’s NIAS testing platform is available and is there to support the consortium members. Apart from delivering value to the Functional Barrier Members there is an addition of migration tests that are soon also available in Labs for the Petcore value chain.


Also we are to give you answers to all the questions that have been raised by Petcore members during the Petcore Annual Conference.

Last year Petcore Europe and KÖR have agreed to partner and join efforts in supporting Petcore Europe members for filing to DG Santé to comply with article 32 on functional barrier of EU 2022/1616.


The target of Labs platform is to create a harmonized concept which enables all members of the value chain to order PET NIAS measurements and now migration tests as well. The reports can be in a standard digital format which will facilitate the monitoring function of the various results in time. Labs’ database function is integrated which can be used to manage the monitoring function.

Therefore the biggest challenge throughout the entire process of working on the dossiers is solved by Labs:


  • Performing the right measurement techniques,
  • making sure that all labs are measuring the same, which needs proficiency tests,
  • aggregating the data in the same format.


Petcore & KÖR presenters:

Casper van den Dungen - Vice President, Petcore Europe

Bernd Schwarz - Project manager Petcore Europe, KÖR


 The Petcore Europe Team is looking forward to meeting you all at our upcoming event!