PET CommunicationS campaign 2024

Petcore. What is PET?

Since the beginning of 2020 PETCORE EUROPE has been facilitating the work related to a Communications Campaign in order to uphold the reputation of PET industry in Europe. To do so, we hired two companies, Fehr Advice and Fleishman Hillard: both delved deep into the consumer’s and policymakers’ attitude towards PET and provided strong strategic and communication stewardship for our Campaign. Today, one year later, strong, tangible and impactful results have been delivered! We mainly refer to the document ‘PET Campaign What We Have Achieved’ (available on request) that perfectly illustrates what all our major achievements are.

This includes a stellar research on consumers’ behaviour towards PET in Europe, a great website ( ), a social media campaign in France, Germany, Italy, the UK and Brussels with already more than 950 000 impressions, a thorough and practical  infographic , a policy-ready manifesto, a MEP event with Maria Spyraki and Jutta Paulus & many other insightful updates.

 We do believe that we managed to achieve a tremendous progress in 2021 even though lots of effort and time went into building communications tools. Therefore, we would like to continue working in this regard in 2024 as well, which will be even more fruitful as all the tools have been already set up in the previous stages of the Campaign. Hence, we launch a wide appeal to ALL OUR MEMBERS to join us and to participate in the financing, steering and managing of our Communications Campaign. The more we are, the greater the impact we will make in order to defend PET’s place in a circular European economy!

This Infographic has been created to help us to spread the message of our campaign, more specifically explaining the virtues of PET.