All4Labels, headquartered in Hamburg, is one of the world’s leading label companies and a pioneer in sustainable and digital packaging solutions with a specialization on the home and personal care as well as food & beverage markets.

All4Labels is recognized by customers as a preferred provider of pressure sensitive, shrink sleeve, security labels and flexible solutions. They are a long-standing partner for major local and international companies in Europe, Latin America, Africa and China.

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ALPLA is a world leader in the development and production of plastic packaging solutions.  We produce innovative packaging systems, bottles, closures and injection-moulded parts for a wide range of industries. Our company and our products are shaped by our tradition as a family-operated business, our use of the latest technologies, our desire for innovative solutions, and the expertise and commitment of our employees.


AMB Spa is an Italian company based in Friuli Venezia Giulia that has been owned by the Marin family since its foundation in 1969. It is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe of high-barrier rigid and flexible sustainable packaging for food companies worldwide.  

Last June 2019, AMB acquired TDX (Europe) Limited, Newcastle (UK) a market leader in PET, R-PET and laminated rigid films for the food and packaging industry. The acquisition has been created a pan-European leader in the segment market: the business partnership is complementary, creating a one-stop-shop offering of products and services, from tooling and concept design, product specification, print design and application, allowing the group to deliver new products and services to customer needs so that they can create one-supplier relationships with them.

Thanks to its commitment to research and innovation, and its careful analysis of the ever-changing demands of its clients and consumer preferences, AMB has become a forward-thinking leader and a benchmark in the sector of food packaging. Underpinned by its brand positioning,                                                                                                designed to be different, it will always look to do what others don't, but want its customers need.





Avient Corporation (NYSE: AVNT), with projected 2020 revenues of approximately $3.7 billion, provides specialized and sustainable material solutions that transform customer challenges into opportunities, bringing new products to life for a better world. Examples include:

  • Barrier technologies that preserve the shelf-life and quality of food, beverages, medicine and other perishable goods through high-performance materials that require less plastic.
  • Light-weighting solutions that replace heavier traditional materials like metal, glass and wood, which can improve fuel efficiency in all modes of transportation.
  • Breakthrough technologies that minimize wastewater and improve the recyclability of materials and packaging across a spectrum of end uses.
  • Avient employs approximately 9,100 associates and is certified ACC Responsible Care® and a founding member of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste. 

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Our mission is to promote the value of BOPET film in flexible packaging applications as well as in the wide range of long life, technically demanding industrial applications where BOPET film's unique set of material properties are relied upon. The key focus of our activities is the research and promotion of end of life options aimed at boosting the circularity of all the end markets we participate in, and we welcome open collaboration from across the value chain.

The outstanding mechanical and physical properties of BOPET films allow the material to punch above it's weight, delivering exceptional performance with reduced material consumption. Building on the best in class mechanical and chemical recycling options available, BOPET films offer the only viable option for the use of food contact approved recycled material in flexible packaging, helping brand owners and retailers to deliver on their sustainability pledges and boost the circularity of plastic packaging.


Corepla: National Consortium for the Collection and Recycling of Plastic packages was established in November, 1997 in accordance with law decree 22/97, taking over from the former Replastic Consortium, which only dealt with liquid containers, in accordance to the European legislation 94/62 concerning packing material and waste from packages in different material. The Consortium is now regulated by Law Decree 152/06. It is part of the "CONAI System" (National Packaging Consortium) and is a no-profit private system with a social character, financed by: the Environmental Contribution CONAI concerning packaging on the national market, (produced in Italy or imported, both empty and full) defined and managed by the companies through the same CONAI, therefore it is not subject to the public tax system; proceeds from sales of waste after recycling. At the beginning of 2012 it had 2,685 member companies, belonging to the entire life-cycle of plastic packaging (for B and C categories participation is entirely voluntary): 

Category A: companies producing plastic material for the production of packaging. 

Category B: companies producing plastic packaging.

Category C: companies using plastic packaging. 

Category D: companies that recycle or recover plastic packaging waste after use.


Croda is headquartered in Cowick, UK, and has sales offices in more than 60 countries around the world. The business has grown in recent years to secure its status as a leader in the global supply of naturally based specialty chemicals for the polymer industry.

Croda Smart Materials combines innovative technologies to design smarter solutions for high tech fast changing markets. Their ingredients supports in developing lighter, miniaturised, durable, multi-functional and affordable solutions to create a sustainable, low carbon and smarter future for generations to come.

Dentis Recycling Italy is a multinational family-run business established in 1987, specialized in PET (polyethyleneterephtalate) sorting and recycling from post-consumers bottles. Nowadays, the Group can account three different plants, respectively placed in Italy (Dentis Recycling Italy, S. Albano Stura-Cuneo), the headquarter of the Group, in Spain (Pet Comapania para su reciclado, Chiva – Valencia) and in France (Nord Pal Plast, Lesquin- Lille) with a total amount of 150 ktons of bottles processed each year. Thanks to the our high technological process, PET bottles from domestic waste collection could be mechanically treated to be turned in our Recycled PET product, known as PETALO® which is among the top highest quality products on the R-PET market thanks to its low contaminant content and its  homogenous crystallized structure.

EMMTEC services provides services and utilities to companies so that they can run their business processes efficiently and effectively. EMMTEC does it at the Emmtec Industry & Businesspark in Emmen, at other sites in the Netherlands and in foreign countries. One of the services is the laboratory which has a strong footprint in the PET industry globally. With over 60 years of experience in understanding and analyzing PET in the field of polymerization, post-condensation, compounding, packaging, recycling, product safety and regulation and actively following developments in the field of recycled PET and bio-plastics by developing appropriate analysis methods in collaboration with the customers to optimize their production processes.





Extricom Extrusion GmbH is part of the worldwide CPM Extrusion Group. Their core competency is the development of complete compounding systems, twin screw extruders, RingExtruder (twelve screw extruder), spare parts for co-rotating extruders, self-cleaning intermeshing twin screw extruders and service. Extricom's customers benefit from their more than 40 years of extrusion know-how. They develop and deliver innovative key-turn extrusion systems by focusing on customers specific requirements. Extricom's experience with highly customized machinery and complete systems for high complex processes offers the perfect basis for a successful project execution from the first sketches to the launch.

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FORMAS PACK has been providing customized packaging solutions for its customers since 1995. Dedicated to the manufacture and sale of containers, films and sheets for the food industry, FORMAS PACK makes the most modern technological advances available to its customers with state-of-the-art machinery. Today it is one of the leaders in the food packaging sector at a national level, in the manufacture of trays and sheets for the food industry, with 3 production plants sites in Cantabria (Food grade rPET, Extrusion & Thermoforming plant). To learn more, please follow the link



GreenTech is one of the largest PET recycler in Central Eastern Europe and an important producer of recycled flakes, recycled PET strap and recycled PET granules. Our activity is based on three principles of Circular Economy: combating waste and protection of the environment, keeping products and materials in use, and CO2 efficiency.

GreenTech is part of Green Group, one of the most important players in the European recycling industry, processing all major types of waste, such as PET, electric and electronic equipment, lamps, batteries as well as glass. With an installed capacity for processing 460.000 tons of waste each year, it ranks as the number one recycler in Romania and one of the largest in Europe.To learn more, please follow the link.

Greiner Packaging has been producing rigid plastic packaging for 60 years. It’s something we enjoy doing and are enthusiastic about – and we’re driven to keep on improving our products. Over the decades, we’ve been true to this aim by continually expanding our range, which includes cups and bottles as well as canisters, lids, and much, much more. Today, our packaging solutions provide optimal protection for products in very diverse markets.


With almost 4,000 stores in Europe and a €46.3 billion turnover in 2020 Groupement Les Mousquetaires is one of the major players in the retail sector. The Group was created in 1969 and gathers more than 3,000 independent entrepreneurs and a staff of 150,000 employees. The Group’s store brands are Intermarché, Netto (foodstuffs); Bricomarché, Brico Cash and Bricorama (DIY); and Roady and Rapid Pare-Brise (mobility). With its 59 production units - all of which are located in France, its «Producers & Retailers» positioning, and its Agromousquetaires agro-business the Group is a major player in the agro-food industry in France. The Mousquetaires have also their own integrated logistics network as well as a real estate company, IMMO Mousquetaires. Beyond French borders, the Mousquetaires are also present in Belgium, Poland and Portugal.


 Gr3n SA is a Swiss company established in 2013. The company developed an innovative process, based on a new application of microwave technology to provide an efficient chemical recycling process of PET and polyester textile allowing an industrial implementation of this recycling method.

The robustness of the whole process allows to treat highly contaminated materials upcycling the PET recycling. The recycling process of gr3n produces the same monomers used for conventional synthesis of PET exploiting a full integration with the existing value chain of PET. The process is economically competitive with oil-based production of PET but creating a huge benefit for the environment.





INDESLA Packaging is a company with more than 15 years of experience in the design and production of plastic containers for the fruit and vegetable and food sector. Innovation, safety and sustainability are their axes. Their standards are certified by the ISO 9001, BRC/IOP and ISO 14001 regulations, which makes INDESLA Packaging one of the few companies in the packaging sector that combines these three standards.To learn more, please follow the link

The Kraft Heinz Company is the third-largest food and beverage company in North America and the fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world, with eight $1 billion+ brands. A globally trusted producer of delicious foods, The Kraft Heinz Company provides high quality, great taste and nutrition for all eating occasions whether at home, in restaurants or on the go.

The company is committed to investing in world-class brands and long-term value creation. The Kraft Heinz Company has significant synergy opportunities with a strong platform for organic growth in North America, as well as global expansion, by combining Kraft's brands with Heinz's international platform.





The Krones Group, headquartered in Neutraubling, Germany, plans, develops, and manufactures machines and complete lines for the fields of process technology, bottling, canning and packaging, plus intralogistics and recycling. Krones’ success is based on a few crucial strategies: specialised knowledge of mechanical engineering and its customers’ sectoral needs, a technical lead in its chosen field, thanks to continuingly high expenditure on research and development, a manufacturing operation using state-of-the-art equipment to stringent standards of qualitative excellence, plus globalised 24/7 service support, all backed up by a highly qualified and enthusiastically motivated workforce. More than 5,000 patents granted and pending evidence the company’s innovatory potential.

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Moretto researches, develops and manufactures automation for the plastic processing industry. Its systems are characterized by low energy consumption and by the originality of the solutions in the sectors of feeding, conveying, dehumidifying, grinding, gravimetric and volumetric dosing, storage, temperature control and cooling. A special production line, expressly developed for PET applications, guarantees high performances and low energy consumptions.

The company offers flexible solutions according to the customers’ needs and develops customized centralized systems, supplied turnkey. With a direct presence in Germany, Poland, Russia, India, Turkey, Brazil, USA and China and a qualified sales network in over 60 countries, Moretto offers an excellent support by assisting customers from consultancy service to assistance in the after sales service. 



Our roots: After 30 years of experience in Thermoforming Multi Tray shook hands with a Dutch leading pastry producer back in 2010. 11 years later we still produce innovative and optimized PET packaging for the food- and most recently implemented non-food industry. All produced from our certified factory located in Uden, Netherlands. Due to our activity in multiple markets we strive to make impact on creating a better world for our customers, suppliers and employees. On that we try to create a circular economy, and tackle recycling from the source. We do our very best to counteract greenwashing.

Our DNA: Marco: ‘’You can compare us to an airliner. We deliver a high quality flight from A to B, without any fuss. Would you like this flight for a reasonable price? Multi Tray can provide this like no other. A fair price, so we can both continue developing. You want champagne and luxury snacks. All possible! But ask yourself first if this is really necessary, or if you might want to take your own sandwiches on the flight. ‘’


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