Welcome to Petcore Europe

Petcore Europe, based in Brussels, is the association representing the complete PET value chain in Europe since 1993. 

Our mission is:

  •  to ensure that the entire PET industry is well aligned to enhance its value and sustainable growth,
  •  to represent the PET industry before the European institutions and other stakeholders,
  •  to ensure that PET is positioned as an outstanding packaging material and recognised as environmentally sound,
  •  to support and validate innovative packaging solutions from a recycling perspective and
  •  to work with all interested parties to ensure a continuous increase of PET post-consumer collection and recycling.



Latest News


Petcore. What is PET?


PETCORE Europe PET Communications Campaign


PETCORE Europe together with a series of its members has launched a communication campaign to achieve holistic recognition of the performance of PET to be a material of choice for packaging and other end-uses, meeting environmental, sustainability and performance criteria expectations of the consumer and other stakeholders.


This Infographic has been created to help us spread the message of our campaign, more specifically explaining the virtues of PET




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