Petcore Europe is creating a new BOPET WG that will:

  1. Build awareness of the positive role that BOPET films currently play in the flexible packaging industry;
  2. Develop Mono PET pouches as a circular alternative to other mono material structures;
  3. Demonstrate that flexible PET structures are the gold standard in terms of material efficiency, processing efficiency and high yield closed loop recycling;
  4. Develop test protocols to evaluate best in class compatibility in both mechanical and monomer recycling streams;
  5. Work with other stakeholders to analyse the necessary conditions and create a collection and recycling stream for BOPET;   
  6. Work with the thermoforms evaluation platform to establish recyclability assessment of BOPET Films used in packaging.

Volunteers are welcome to join! Interested to know more? please contact us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..