The Working Group was established in June 2015, following a Workshop on Recycling PET Thermoforms in March 2015.

It comprises around 50 companies and organisations including key players from industry and waste management. The goal is to increase the market share of PET in thermoforms in Europe by providing sustainable and reliable end-of-life solutions for their effective recycling.




The focus of the Thermoforms Working Group is lying on three specific targets:

  • Maintain and possibly increase the market share of PET thermoforms in the European market.
  • Improve the image of PET thermoforms as best-in-class by promoting a value-chain approach by end users (retailers, brand owners, consumers).
  • Provide sustainable and reliable end of life options for PET thermoforms.


By involving all parties in the value chain and sharing best practices and results, the group will carry out the following actions:

  • Analyse the PET thermoforms market per type of tray design and composition and per country & analyse the actual outputs for rPET from thermoforms.
  • Develop Design for Recycling Guidelines.
  • Define, validate and disseminate the best recyclable packaging technologies.
  • Define, validate and disseminate the best collection, sorting and recycling technologies.
  • Develop new applications for PET thermoforms or mixed PET.
  • Start a real collection, sorting and recycling stream for PET thermoforms, where possible today.


Working Group Chairs: Ana Fernandez (KP), Paolo Glerean (Aliplast), Nicolas Lorenz (Paccor)

Task Forces

  • TF1.Sorting & Recycling: reports about the status of the art in collection, sorting and recycling technologies of PET thermoforms
  • TF2.Recyclability   technical committee of the platform (SC and TC). Guideliness
  • TF3.Demonstrate food contact compliance of rPET from trays: Both Direct contact and functional barrier technologies.
  • TF4.Other end applications
  • TF5.Functional Barrier


 Events, Meetings & Publications (selection)

  • PET Tray Design for Recycling Workshop on 12 December in Brussels
  • PET Thermoforms 9th Working Group Meeting 30 April 2019
  • PET Thermoforms 8th Working Group Meeting 29 November 2018 

  • PET Thermoforms 7th Working Group Meeting 15 May 2018

  • PET Thermoforms 6th Working Group Meeting 11 October 2017

  • Petcore Europe public Thermoforms Workshop webinar - September 2017 in Brussels:
    Petcore Europe invited to the Thermoforms Workshop on 19 September 2017 in Brussels to give an update on their activities and the latest developments of PET thermoforms recycling in Europe. The event was organised by the Petcore Europe Thermoforms Working Group, chaired by Wim Hoenderdaal from Indorama and Paolo Glerean from Aliplast, and held as a free webinar. Read more...
  • PET Thermoforms 5th Working Group Meeting 06 December 2016
  • PET Thermoforms 2nd Working Group Meeting 07 October 2015
  • PET Thermoforms Working Group Kick-off Meeting 06 August 2015
  • Petcore Europe public Workshop on Recycling of Rigid PET Thermoforms - May 2015 in Brussels:
    Petcore Europe convened a workshop on the Recycling of Rigid PET Thermoforms in Brussels involving fifty leaders and experts from the whole PET value chain in Europe. This Workshop marked the starting point for the association's WG on PET thermoforms recycling. Some of the most important companies and organisations from PET producers, to converters, users, recyclers, technology providers and collection agencies discussed how the industry can work together to make PET thermoforms the best recyclable thermoformed packaging in its category. 


Working Group Agenda (per annum)

  • Up to three physical meetings of the Thermoforms Working Group
  • Regular meetings / conference calls of the different Task Forces
  • Organisation of public workshop


Join us & become a WG member

All interested industry representatives are welcome to join this Working Group:

  • For Petcore Europe members access to the WG is for free.
  • External companies are charged a contribution fee for covering the functioning costs.

To apply for Working Group membership and to get an overview on the membership fees, please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..