Membership eligibility

Membership is open to associations and individual companies having legal personality. All PET stakeholders are therefore welcome and eligible for membership. These include all individual company members who are involved in the following activities:

  • The manufacture of PTA or ancillary chemicals used to make PET
  • The manufacture of PET
  • The commercial manufacturing and sale of PET articles from virgin and recycled PET
  • The supply of ancillary chemicals used in the manufacture of PET Articles
  • The commercial manufacture and sale of solid and liquid foodstuffs filled in PET packaging in Europe, provided that a significant volume of their products are sold in PET containers
  • The commercial reclaim of post-consumer PET containers in Europe, the product of which is sold as flakes or pellets
  • The sales of equipment used in the value chain from PET manufacture to production of recyclate
  • Other activities with prevailing interest in PET

Membership will have to be approved by the Board of Directors. The Board will act on each application for membership within ninety days following receipt of the application.

Membership benefits

Petcore Europe members have the following benefits:

  • Opportunity to participate in setting the objectives of Petcore Europe and its Technical Committee  
  • Become member of specific Technical Working Groups  
  • Opportunity to inform EU and national regulatory bodies  
  • Access to a wide range of information on PET  
  • Exclusive access to the Petcore Europe Document Library  
  • Access to all Petcore Europe events, including workshops and the annual Petcore Europe Conference  
  • Visibility and sustainable credibility of their company

Membership organisation

There are two classes of membership:

     1.   Association Members
     2.   Individual Company Members

Voting rights for Petcore Europe organisational issues are votes per association member in proportion to the annual fee paid and one vote per individual company member. A single fee payment will be due in January each year.

Any member may withdraw from the association by giving written notice of such intention to the President or Executive Director at least six months before the effective date of such withdrawal.