The current EU legislation and their amendments are setting the mandatory targets for the PET industry, which will request that all plastic materials must be recyclable and reusable by 2030.

This will turn the market and also the PET value chain from a linear one to circular process. In parallel consumers demonstrate sensitivity for using material with low or neutral environment impact and, at the same time, green claims made by companies will have to be certified by third parties according to the new EU legislation that is coming. 

This can only happen by setting up in the EU markets the suitable collection and recycling schemes that can deliver the required recycled quality and quantity, and at the same time maintaining   the current safety level for the consumers. All above need to be supported by objective certification schemes assuring sustainability and securing consumer safety.

PETCORE EUROPE is committed to always support the circularity process. For this reason, PETCORE EUROPE is keen to offer to the PET value chain members, certification services too, in addition to our current activities. These product certifications are offered through the RETRAY Certification that is owned by Ecosense Foundation*

RETRAY scheme certifies processes and products through the RETRAY Process and the RETRAY Product certificates.  RETRAY task is to verify compliance with the requirements that must be met in the PET sheet manufacturing, thermoforming and packaging processes in terms of 1) Traceability: both in the introduction of recycled PET and in the management of the PET waste generated for subsequent recycling, 2) Quantification of the recycled content according to the requirements of standard EN 15343 and 3) Recyclability: verifying the guidelines established by PETCORE EUROPE (for mono layer thermoforms), of which the Foundation is a member.  For the multilayer thermoforms, until PETCORE EUROPE finalized the relative design guidelines RETRAY Scheme may use the ones developed by Ecosense Foundation.

Detailed information can be found in the Ecosense Foundation site:

Contacts: PETCORE Management:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Argiris Dabanlis:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


* Ecosense Foundation is the brand under which operates the Plastic Sense Foundation with holding Tax Identification No. G19624063 and registered with the Register of Foundations of the Ministry for Justice under no. 1871 and has its headquarters in Madrid, Spain – Avda. de España, Planta 2, Oficina 1, 28100 Alcobendas.